Later this month, the production company that I produce digital content for, EuroPacific Films, will start filming the short film Refuge.

Based on an idea by Sara Hofstein, Rachel, a Jewish-American woman, moves to Vienna, Austria to begin a new job at the International Atomic Energy Agency’s headquarters. While in Austria, she comes to realize that the memories and recent history of the Holocaust are not easy issues for Austrians to acknowledge, especially when the infamous WWII Flak Towers ominously loom over the city.

What will make this production special is that it’s being co-produced with indiepool e.v., an Independence company that specializes in getting independent films funded. indiepool e.V. is an association based in Vienna, Austria, was founded by director/producer Barbara S. Müller and producer/production manager Björn Franck. Their film releases include Alles an mir (2010), Florian & Florian (2012), Neonlichter (2014) and Nebenan (2016).

David Paterson will be providing his skills as associate producer under his production company Arcady Bay Entertainment. Under this banner Paterson wrote and produced the film Bridge to Terabithia, starring Josh Hutcherson and Zooey Deschanel, which grossed over US$135 million worldwide.

Robert Dassanowsky of Belvedere Film will also provide associate producer duties. Belvedere Film was co-founded by Elfi von Dassanowsky, along with producer August Diglas and silent film pioneer Emmerich Hanus, in 1946 and was the first new post-war studio facility in Vienna as well as the first Austrian film studio founded by a woman. Halliwell’s Who’s Who in Movies credits Belvedere Film with helping “kick-start the revival of the German-language film industry.”

Although I won’t be in Austria during principal photography due to my calendar being full (Annie Awards, Oscars, etc.), I will be supporting the production here in Los Angeles. As part of a small company, I get to wear many hats, so I’m sure I’ll be providing services that should make the next few months very interesting.

If you’d like to know more about EuroPacific Films, visit our official website.