Well, it’s October 1 and that means it’s #inktober and #Halloween season. With so many folks getting ready for the spooky season, I’ll start with a dream I had at age 4 that’s in the spirit of monsters.

In the dream, I remember playing in the backyard of my house and suddenly, it became very dark. I looked around to see what happened to the light…and in the distance I noticed two objects floating around, as if they were looking for something. My ears began to ring. As the ringing got louder, the two objects turned into floating heads and began staring at me. They had big eyes that were black and a stare that had no emotion. They also had spikes coming out of its neck and weird tribal hair. Terrified, I began to run for my life, as I didn’t want the heads to catch me. I finally made my way through my bedroom window and hopped into bed – I reasoned that they couldn’t catch me if I made it to my bed. One of the heads peered at me through the window, still with a blank stare. A cloud of smoke appeared under it’s head and formed a body. It had long fingers and touched the glass. In that instance, I woke up with a jolt. I looked at the window and nothing was there….but I was shaken up.

My dreams during that time of my life were very vivid…so much that I’m able to draw what the monster looked like. I guess some things never leave us, even if they were imagined.