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Although people perceive me as a cartoonist, I have more experience in producing live action in both motion pictures and television. My focus is on storytelling and experimenting with different ways to tell great tales.

L’Engagement 1.0 Explores Terrorism in New Political Thriller

In my new role with EuroPacific Films, I’m in charge of online digital production. From expanding the company’s online universe to creating innovative ways to visually strengthen their branding, my mission is to get moviegoers to watch their films.

Digital content, which is shared through social media, is an important part of any business’s marketing and client base development platform. My mission is to optimize the company’s online content and branding through platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Navigating through the digital landscape on behalf of EuroPacific Films is a very exciting opportunity for me and for the company, so I’m looking forward to taking the team to places they’ve haven’t been to yet.

L’Engagement 1.0
One of the films, L’Engagement 1.0, focuses on Parisian lawyer Nathan Ganzer who, while being held for interrogation at the DCRI, is questioned around the clock by Commissioner David and his men about imminent terrorist attacks on French soil as time is quickly running out!

Enticed by wealth and frightened by evil, Jewish attorney Nathan Ganzer’s (Geoffroy Thiebaut) life changes when he is unexpectedly detained by the French Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) and forced to endure an intense interrogation. The agents accuse him of aiding suspected Arab terrorists and skillfully manipulate Ganzer into believing he will be implicated in the next attack.

Bluffing his way free of the devastating indictments, Ganzer finally discovers his ability to take control of his life and exact revenge on those trying to destroy him.

“L’Engagement 1.0 is the one movie that foreshadowed the terrorist attacks on Paris, France. Distributors and theater owners were too afraid to show it. Now one theater is brave enough to show France what can happen and what is happening,” says Michael Hofstein, President of EuroPacific Films. “The directing and acting are superb! The possibilities, startling!”

The French language movie (with English subtitles) was filmed in Paris and Gohory, France, and stars Geoffroy Thiebaut, Franck Cabot-David, Geraldine Girault, Baker Guennoun, Bruno Henry, and Alexandre Le Provost. The film was written and directed by Stephane Guinan, and produced by Michael & Marian Hofstein.




Magic of the Violin: Frédéric Moreau
In L’Engagement 1.0, Frédéric Moreau is featured playing the violin the Madeleine Church, the first movie ever to shoot inside the Paris landmark!
Captivating audiences with his performances, his charisma and his amazing virtuosity, Moreau is regularly invited to many festivals, in prestigious concert halls around the world and has become one of the most prolific French artists of his generation with over one hundred concerts as soloist each year.

Moreau started his solo career at the age of eighteen. He is a first prize winner of violin and chamber music, and is a “3ème cycle” graduate of the most selective soloist program at the French National Conservatory of Music in Paris (Master and PhD). He has studied the violin with masters such as Jean Fournier, Michèle Auclair, Régis Pasquier, Tibor Varga, and Yehudi Menuhin.

He is currently the musical director and soloist of the prestigious chamber orchestra “Les Violons de France” for whom he has arranged numerous works, placing the virtuoso violin center stage.

L’Engagement 1.0 director Stéphane Guenin chose Frédéric Moreau to compose and create the direction of the original music for the feature film The Seventh Lie in 2003.

Be sure to follow Frédéric Moreau on Twitter @Fr3d3ricMoreau

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